Derse (Moon and Planet)

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Derse (Moon and Planet)

Post by infinityAlternator on Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:19 pm

This is where you post for Derse. Don't forget to link your posts together.
I'd also suggest linking to related posts (other posts with the same conversations) right before the two posts intersect, but it's not required.

I'll update this with a description later.

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Re: Derse (Moon and Planet)

Post by candidLiar on Wed Dec 09, 2015 8:18 pm


Eiko: Wake up

You immediately open your eyes and find yourself floating about 5 feet above a bed that looks exactly like yours. Upon realizing this, you fall straight onto the mattress and look around the room. The only difference from your own is the almost overpowering sheen of purple over everything. Standing up, you look out the window, and hear the voices that have been plaguing you become disturbingly excited, as if they’ve been waiting for you for a long time.

You can now make out their words very well, and it’s hard to ignore them, but you think you should consult IA before doing anything. After all, he’s been awake on Prospit for years.

Eiko: Pester IA

Show Pesterlog:

[07:02] -- candidLiar [CL] began pestering infinityAlternator [IA] at 19:02 --
[07:02]CL: hey
[07:02]CL: i watched the video
[07:02] IA: Yes?
[07:02] IA: That is good.
[07:02] IA: What did you think?
[07:03]CL: id say its farfetched
[07:03]CL: but im kinda kiling little black imp things
[07:03] CL: and im talking to you from my room on derse
[07:03]CL: im not sure how that works
[07:04]CL: but after i saw the proof i went to sleep and woke up here
[07:04]CL: but the voices are so much louder
[07:05] IA: Oh! Well then. I guess that is good. I still do not know about the voices though.
[07:06]CL: any advice on what i should do
[07:06]CL: i havent left my room yet because i wanted to ask you
[07:07] IA: I looked through my notes... but I did not find anything. All I can say is do not listen to the voices. They are probably not the best influences...
[07:07] IA: I mean...
[07:07] IA: Hear them out... but do not actually follow their instructions or believe any information they give you.
[07:08]CL: okay
[07:08]CL: i think i can do that
[07:08] IA: It is not like we actually need any more information than we already have anyways.
[07:08]CL: yeah
[07:08]CL: im going to go check out the planet
[07:09] IA: OK.
[07:09]CL: because apparently i can fly
[07:09]CL: since i woke up floating about 5 feet above my bed
[07:09] IA: Yeah. That is a thing. Is it not amazing!?!
[07:10]CL: its pretty cool
[07:10]CL: anyways
[07:10]CL: brb

Jumping out of the window of your tower, you see a giant chain leading to the main mass of Derse close to your tower, and decide to follow it. You get a little more than halfway before the voices ring out as one, “COME OUT FURTHER, WITCH.”
Not sure why, you feel compelled to listen, turning to stare into the void beyond Derse, away from the distant light of Skaia. You slowly float towards the inky darkness before speeding up and rocketing towards the voices.
As you approach they get louder and more coherent. The most common word you hear is “YES,” and you see a tentacle approach you out of the inky blackness. You don’t question it as you are drawn closer, and listen intently when it tells you that it knows how you can win “THE GAME.” Other voices join in, promising victory and limitless power before you notice that your tablet has been trying to notify you about IA’s messages.
The gods around you seem malcontent when you take out the tablet and start responding to IA, but you assure them that you will keep this short. You don’t mean to anger the beings – “HORRORTERRORS” they call themselves – that are going to give you all the power you could ever need.

Show Pesterlog:

[07:11] IA: OK. I guess I will keep building up your house. I assume you have gotten grist since I entered the game.
[07:19]CL: yeah ive got a lot
[07:19]CL: also this is pretty cool
[07:19] IA: Yeah...
[07:19]CL: i started going along the chain
[07:19] IA: And?
[07:20]CL: but then i decided that the void out there looked interesting
[07:20]CL: so im out there
[07:20]CL: its kinda peaceful
[07:20]CL: even if the voices are louder
[07:20]CL: they make sense
[07:21] IA: It is pretty cool... but I thought I told you not to listen to them.
[07:21]CL: its kinda hard not to
[07:22]CL: theyre telling me how to win
[07:22]CL: why should i ignore that
[07:22]CL: it seems pretty important
[07:22] IA: Ignore it!

You hear the horrorterror holding you loosely hiss with displeasure and feel a tentacle tighten around your wrist, but it lets you continue typing.

Show Pesterlog:

[07:22]CL: but they want me to go further out
[07:22] IA: Do not do that.
[07:23]CL: theyre telling me to ignore you too
[07:23] IA: Absolutely not. Return to your room now.
[07:23]CL: no
[07:23] IA: I will wake you up.
[07:23]CL: you wouldnt leave me out here with them if youre so worried
[07:24] IA: Seriously. I will. I will wake you up and you will not sleep again for the entire session if that is what it takes.
[07:24]CL: youre bluffing
[07:24]CL: im going out there
[07:24]CL: and you cant and wont stop me
[07:24] IA: I can bring your dreamself back to your room if I have to. I know ways.
[07:24]CL: as your leader
[07:25]CL: im telling you that i need to do this
[07:25]CL: so fuck off
[07:25] IA: I can. You may be my leader...but I am your advisor. As of now. You do not get a choice.
[07:25] IA: 3...
[07:25] IA: 2...
[07:25]CL: amit just let me
[07:25] IA: 1...
[07:25]CL: its fine
[07:25]CL: they just want to he
[07:26] -- infinityAlternator [IA] hits [CL] on the head with the lid of the Cruxtruder. –


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